Beading it.

For this project, I’ve applied a floral shape with an assortment of cotton fabrics onto a piece of 100% light brown cotton. I’m experimenting with a few things here; an organic line(s) connecting all of the pieces together, variety in the styles of stitching, the over/underlay of patterned prints and solids, the contrast between hard/shiny and soft/matte mediums, and the application of beads.

I feel that I’m 60% into the work, with the remaining 40% to concentrate more on the beading. I enjoy the process of incorporating beads into my designs and anticipate future works to have this same element applied. Working with a variety of beads makes the layout of them easier to balance. Different sizes and shapes, as well as a mix in the sheens on the beads I believe help continue on with that organic quality that I am also focusing on.

flower work I

flower work I

Materials used:

100% cotton fabrics

Beader’s Paradise, Lavender Glass Bead Mix


Embroidery hoop


Sewing Machine

This original, final piece will be available on Etsy in a 5×5 black frame. Follow us on the tweeter for updates or check back soon.


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